What games (of any kind) have given you the most satisfying gaming experiences?



  • KeithKeith Posts: 4 Mendicant

    My uncle just built me my very own PC that was going to actually be kept in my room. I talked my dad into letting me use his credit card to subscribe. That was no easy task in 1999.

    But the game itself. It was just a sense of awe and wonder. Exploring these open new places. Seeing my first griffin tear up the Commonlands. My first time seeing a sand giant roam the desert. My first Sunday in Freeport watching the auction text scroll by in a blur. And of course making friends. Being a freshman in highschool and through this game befriending all sorts of people from all over. From a husband and wife with kids to a party animal college guy. And of course the unforgiving difficulty and how you needed these people in order to get anything done and advance. 

    I would print out our spell lists so I would know what I’d learn when I leveled and where I could find them. Consult printed out maps to determine my bearings. And lookup how to even initiate quests because you needed to /say just the right thing. Magical nostalgic times. 
  • SirLoinSirLoin Posts: 3 Mendicant

    The Kingdom Rush games – possibly my favorite mobile games. The slow build-up of defenses against early waves of attackers, the twists that new attacks throw at you when you’re building in a certain direction, then the absolute chaos of the final waves, when you’re just grasping at straws to survive.

    Clash Royale has the same feel of chaos and desperation at the end, but on a much shorter timeframe – everything is being thrown at you when the Elixer doubles, and you have to make smart choices with no deliberation, and even if you think you chose correctly, sometimes you go down. It’s that flurry of choices in the endgame, with intense time pressure, that makes both of those games compelling.

  • CaedmonCaedmon Posts: 4 Mendicant
    Turn Based RPG's always were my favorite growing up.  I have beaten the Shining Force games dozens of times.  For their time they had wide array of casts and personalities for each.  Nowadays the personalities would seem dull and rather unexplored.  After those it would be Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X.
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