We heard the first soundtrack elements (warning: explicit language)

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We haven't revealed too much about the soundtrack other than the occasional tweet, but we recently began work on the Exiles soundtrack with the hugely talented @slivka (who some of you may remember as the composer from a game I worked on a few years back called The Continuum). 

We just got to listen to the (in his words) "audio equivalent of a contraption in the process of being built, with wires sticking out, glue dripping, and tape holding things in place." Despite that, here's my and ol' Mike D's @michaeldko reactions (with apologies to our good friend @drakythe, we need to clean up our act):

There will be much more on this soon. There's so much magicks in this motif, I can't stand it. Can't wait to share it with you all.

Now help us shape the music-- given what you've seen of the art style, combat and whatnot for Exiles, what are the words that come to mind when you're imagining the game that you would pass along to a composer? Simple things like "adventure" or phrases like "the feeling when exploring a new world" or feelings that the soundtrack should evoke, or whatever you like. 


I'll SMITE you


  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 204 mod
    @TheWizard  hahahaha... I appreciate the concern but I've spent the last 4.5 years working in web development. You'd have to work pretty hard to offend me these days.

    Now I'll tell you what irks me. You teasing us like this. "This music is AWESOME!" "..." "No, you can't listen yet"  ;)

    Now as to your question: Adventures. Epic. Lonely. Homely (Thinking kinda like Bastion for that last one. the music in Bastion [Favorite Game Soundtrack of all time, btw] had a nice lived in, earthy feel to it, if that makes any sense.) Tense. Focused. (Those last two for the combat screens I've seen)

    PS: Sorry I haven't been around recently, folks. Life and jazz, glad to see you all are doing well!
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    You are always and forever welcome, Drak. 

    That said, great adjectives and food for our thought.

    Also, apologies on the teasing. It was inadvertent (it wasn't), and there will be previews in short order. I just need to be released from the code of silence by Mr @Slivka, and there will be audio-merrymaking. You do know that sharing will happen here first...
    I'll SMITE you
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