The Slime Triumphant.

TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
We'll be sharing details on the PvE system in the coming days, and this system will be no end of fun and discussion, I promise you that. Art Director Extraordinaire and unrepentant enthusiast @Anglon has been berating me for not showing more of our NPC baddies, so I offer you this looping image of an exultant Slime to whet the preview whistle, as it were.

Please note the various accoutrements inhabiting her jelly-ish innards. You will lose to her often, but you will also learn to love/hate her single-eyed tauntses.

Oooo this makes me mad, @Anglon! Why does she have to be so pleased with herself?

I'll SMITE you


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