GIF of latest combat and new environment

I drives me insane that Tumblr GIFs have to be less than 1MB, so I'm posting the bigger GIF from the latest build to illustrate a bunch of advancements we've made to battle, feedback and environments (please excuse @TheMayor for his lack of pants):

Some things here to take note of that have moved the game and battle feedback forward:

[] Those crazy shoulders on Caramon - visible equipment items now have 7 visual Tiers that denote how awesome they are. The shoulders you see here are a Tier 7 item.

[] The Initiative coins - at the bottom of each character portrait, you'll see a spinning coin that then shows "I" and white or "X" and gray. Since each player makes his/her move at the same time, the coins serve two purposes: 1) letting you know when the opponent has chosen and 2) letting you know who's gonna go first in the round. This has a massive impact on the way things go down, so we're playing with the way to show it.

[] They're in a dungeon! - it wouldn't be much of a fantasy RPG if we didn't have dungeons, and we're getting some of the new environments into the game now, including variations on this one, a PVP arena and all sorts of places within Embermark.

[] Effects Over Time (EOT) - it's small in the GIF, but you can see buff/debuffs start to show their icons in the tray right above the player character (Caramon) Health Bar and below the opponent's bar. These will let you know how long you have under whatever effect as well as what to plus up or get rid of.

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