Design Quest: Zone Phase 2. You make decisions.



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    I haven't read through this entire thread yet, or the other design threads, but one flora/fauna idea I like is described in "The way of Kings" by Brandon Sanderson. Basically, grass would disappear right before you step on it, and re-appear again after you leave the immediate area. I imagine it's based off vibrations. It wasn't just grass though, it'd be other things too (one plant was called a "Rockbud"). Having some sort of reactive flora/fauna would be awesome.
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    flying stone fish 
     don't tread on this or let one hit you in the face if your to close to the shore or on board a water vessel  .
    the needles of this  fish cause people to become very frisky   put it on the blade of a dagger /sword /axe/arrow heads etc and watch as the former foe look for a fix for that itch.
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    Here is my list of favorites from the selection at the start of this thread:

    Those who now dominate the Zone like:
    -Wyverns (from @Alyxe)
    -Mountain People (from @drakythe)
    -Ironhide Bears (from @drakythe)
    -Sand Skimmer Pirates (from @finjinimo)

    And some interesting land features to the Zone, including:
    -Wakened volcano (@kjelfalconer)
    -Cliffside home to slavers (@finjinimo)
    -Hidden caves with secrets (@Darggie)
    -An underground city (@darggie)

    And we have some beasties and plantlife ideas taken from the Flora/Fauna thread:
    -The Reaching Tree (@spacegoats)
    -The Red Dragon Flower (@spacegoats)
    -The Giant Rock Lurker (@spacegoats)
    -The Red Begbie Nut (@finjinimo)
    -Rock Spider (@finjinimo)
    -Dead Man Tree (@evilteddy)

    I think anything that has to go with mountains generally works together based off the terrain appearance and they way that many of us interpreted it. For example, the mountain people (@drakythe) could live in an underground city (@darggie), which helps protect them from the reaching tree (@spacegoats) and the dead man tree (@evilteddy).

    Oh wow, I should’ve read the part about the enormous size of the zone (1/3 the size of Australia) before doing anything else! It’s hard for me to put this in perspective because if that is the case, then each of the ruins and cities provided in the map of Anglon would have to each be like the size of Rhode Island! With this type of scale in mind, then nearly all of the main biomes which cover the earth could be present. I would say though that mountains and cliffs are the dominant features, with plateaus and valleys dotted by small groves of trees being the secondary type features. Of course, rivers/streams are to be expected, as well as shorelines on the Northern and Southern sections.

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    Cerberus with huge bat wings! Now that would be scary.
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