Design Quest 1: You Design The Zone (coming this week)

TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
As we've discussed, there will be many opportunities to weigh in on the design of Exiles (in fact, we've been discussing which things you most want to get in on here).

It's almost time to roll up our sleeves and have a little fun with Zone Design (a Zone in Exiles is a region of the World Map where you will go on Quests, slay each other and experience the power of Lore).

This Friday, we'll start jumping in on the first of many Design Quests that you are invited to help with. 

Exile: "What's a Design Quest, Wizard?"
Wizard: "Well, it's a cross between an opportunity for you to have a direct impact on the game world and a way for us to discuss the evolving Lore of the game. When you participate in a Design Quest (by posting in its thread with ideas/responses/suggestions), you get the Design Quest BADGE in the forums, which entitles you to a special Design Quest in-game treat when the game launches."
Exile: "Why don't you tell me what the treat is?"
Wizard: "Because we have to get a little further into the game's design before I accidentally give you something that breaks the game... or even worse, has no real value."
Exile: "FIIINE, I'll bite. What do you need?"

I just need you to do what you always do-- jump in with suggestions and ideas. On Friday, I'll outline the need for the Zone (we will be populating it with NPCs, flora/fauna and some basic history) and then offer a series of questions and polls. You will then surprise the magicks out of me with your insight and imagination. And then it will become so (caveat: for the most part) in the game.

You in?
I'll SMITE you


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