I feel as though I have compiled enough information and ideas to finally put this together. Shout out to everyone on the discord chat that has had conversations with me about this topic. You have changed and influenced some of the opinions I will be presenting here. This will be a long post with no TL;DR so I apologize in advance for that. I will do my best throughout the post to put facts in regular type font, and my opinions in italics. If we get a good discussion going here I will continue to update this parent post (giving credit to the original poster of course)

What is IAP
IAP stands for In App Purchase, and as far as I have gathered from conversations with the devs and others it will be the primary monetezation scheme for EoE. IAPs come in many different forms and can cripple an otherwise great game if done incorrectly. On the other hand, if done correctly they allow users to support the development team while acquiring perks for their character.

VIP system
A VIP system is a static increase in power of some sort that you can only get by paying for premium items. An example would be, once you purchase 5 keys you can now raid an extra time every day. This would increase the amount of loot you can get daily. (I am not saying there is a cap on number of raids per day in EoE, this is merely an example). Opinion: I am against this on principle. It forces players to either spend money, or lag behind in some tangible way. Since this is a PvP centric game the effects of a VIP system in any form would be profound.

IAP in EoE
Keys - Keys come in different rarities and are used to open chests full of sweet, sweet loot. This can directly affect your power level in the game. Opinion: The ability to purchase random loot for your character opens the door for the game to be considered pay to win (P2W). I am interested to see what the actual pay model for keys will look like. One possible solution to this is making certain tiers of items (Epic+?, Legendary+?) only acquirable by playing the game. That way purchases can jump start your character, but not make them all powerful. Again, we don't have enough info on how the system is currently implemented to suggest real change here yet.

Subscriptions - From @TheWizard himself "Right now, here's the thinking: We do a subscription that is essentially a "good deal" on chests/keys plus some kind of non-game-affecting treat. Something visual or for the camp or a title or something, just for funzies. Then it doesn't throw anything off but provides an ongoing subscriber good value." Opinion: I love subscriptions and this will probably be where I spend my money. Also because then it is a flat amount per month and I don't run the risk of spending more than I intended playing the "one more roll" game. I suggest a 30 day subscription where you get a key every X days. That way you feel good about your purchase all month. Anything that causes me to re-up more frequently than monthly personally turns me off, and I believe having different subscription tiers gets confusing. See my note on IAP titles below.

Other possibilities for IAP
Costumes - Being able to do things like give my character an eye-patch for money. Opinion: I like these types of IAP because they do not influence the game, but let me "vote" with my money. If the devs are releasing content one month that I especially enjoy, I might spend a little extra on an eye-patch or hat for my character. Maybe even cosmetic pets? (GIVE ME MY HOUNDS @TheWizard)

Titles - Spending money to get a title. Opinion: I am not sure I like this idea. I personally feel that titles should be based on accomplishments, not IAPs in any form. ESPECIALLY because the narrative is player driven. Titles really need to mean something in this game.

Inventory cap increase - Spending real money to be able to carry more items. This allows your character to hold onto multiple sets of items for different builds based on the current meta game. Opinion: I support this as long as inventory expansions are also available for free through some means. Otherwise we're straying into P2W territory again because of the increased ability to change builds.

Crafting materials - Spending money to acquire crafting items instead of grinding for them. Opinion: I am against this for P2W reasons.I should not be able to find a legendary crafting recipe and then crank out legendary swords for cash until I get the exact secondary stats I want on it.

Crafting recipes - Spending money to acquire crafting recipes instead of finding them. Opinion: See crafting materials.

Conclusions (No italics here because this section is all opinion)
The Devs need to eat, and therefore need a revenue stream. It has already been confirmed that keys will be purchasable in some form, and that some type of subscription will exist. Please leave your thoughts and comments so we can steer the IAPs in this game in a direction that not only feeds the devs, but also feels good to the players. The fastest way to turn me off of a free to play game is to implement an IAP structure that feels unfair to people who don't spend any money. Unfortunately an IAP system can be objectively fair and still feel unfair. I love what I have seen of this game, and I really don't want to see something silly like a monetezation scheme take it down. Please, please, please give your input so I can add it to this post and let's help make this the best game it can be.


  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    If it were up to me I would only have cosmetic items be purchasable with real money. Like you were saying, let me buy that eyepatch to make my character look unique or a "pet" that stands next to my character when others try to attack me in PVP. I personally really like the way LoL handled items that could be purchased.

    To put it another way... I don't want to sit down to play checkers only to find that my opponent has already paid for kings. 

    Thats just my thoughts though, Gunslinger has to make a profit and boy do I ever want this game to be a success for them! IAPs do have to be handled carefully though especially if this game is going for esports caliber pvp competitions. 
  • HollowHollow Posts: 38 MARKED
    edited October 2016
    I agree that (in an ideal world) cosmetic items should be the only purchasable IAP. However, I sincerely doubt that cosmetic items alone would be justified revenue for the time put into making and sustaining EoE. 

    I also agree with Nez that I don't think playing against a stacked (purchased) deck would be as fun. 

    If the item buying power (through keys) remains the primary IAP - a few things have to be addressed (which I'm sure devs are aware of). 

    1. Level item requirement - We are told items will have level requirements. This is IMO the best factor in reducing the overpowered IAP ability. Obviously the balance has to scale and still be worth it to give some advantage to the spender. 
    BUT who's to say someone won't drop 100$ every 5 levels to have the best possible PvP gear. Which brings me to-

    2. Skill vs Items - Again, the balance needs to somehow favor both if keys -> chests-> gear . People will need to see enough improvement in their abilities with the purchased gear to continue doing so, but skill HAS to be an equally important factor. Hearthstone was used as an example of this balance.

    3. Ability to earn similar items - Whether it's time, persistence, grinding, ect. Time grinding for gear as opposed to questing or PvP is still valuable gaming time. Again, the balance is delicate and paying for keys has to have some kind of incentive. 

    TL;DR version of this post-

    Devs need the game to make money and it's understandable that they need to find a balance between IAP and earned content rewards. I don't blame the devs for doing so, but I understand the frustration at IAP when gear is greater than (or equal to )skill. Cosmetic stuff is the safe way to go , but I doubt it gives the devs the return they really want.

  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    @SecretOwl Great post, and I tend to agree with your comments. I personally think buying keys is a great IAP idea because it gives you the type of item class (rare, epic, etc) but not a specific item within that class. Then again, if someone bought 15 keys and got the same item 11 out of 15 times, then they may not buy too many keys again. 

    I'm for a VIP system of sorts. Rather then having a system that gives you daily boosts or perks, I'm for something more on the lines of rewards over time. Example: at the $50 cumulative total spent on the game, one gets 3 epic keys. At $100, one gets 15 epic crafting items and 1 epic key. At $500, one gets a random legendary item and a "get out of house free" card. Etc, etc.
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