Minimum hardware specs

This may have already been addressed, but...

I had an odd conversation today at the phone shop where I walked in and said "Hello." Then waited awkwardly while the guy behind the counter finished serving the guy in front of me.

Then he came over and said "What can I help you with today?"

And I said "A new phone please."

Shop Guy "Cool, and what kind of stuff do you need it to do?"

Me *shrug* "Dunno, just phone stuff mostly. But The Wizard told me to buy a new phone, so... "

Shop Guy "..."

Me "Hello! That one has a green case, I'll take that one."

So I may have purchased the wrong phone... But maybe, it's the right phone?

It's a ifiddlyphone-thing 7.

Will your thing run on my thing?

...jiggly bits...


  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    I think you know it will, Mr Finji. Besides taking fabulous photos, it will play Exiles nicely (you still won't beat me).

    We will definitely share minimum spec on both iPhone and Android, but don't have it yet. I CAN confirm that iPhone 4s and before will not be supported though, in case we need to discuss. I'll update as we narrow in on more specifics!

    I'll SMITE you
  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    My old phone was a 4s, so that's fortuitous.
    ...jiggly bits...
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