The Narrative Train Begins

As we've mentioned before, we're going to be telling the story of Exiles a Season at a time (each month or so will be a Season in the game and its happenings). We've partnered with episodic narrative creators, Bound, to bring that to life. The plan is to take our ongoing story, the actions of the players in the game, the populations of NPCs and all sorts of other info created by players and mix it up into a fiction concoction that will be fun to return to each Season (and, if we get it right, affected by YOU).

Just last week, we sent off our first episodic story beats to our friends at Bound as we work with them to bring some narrative to life BEFORE the game is available. Here's a snippet:

There's info we haven't talked about in these few phrases, so if anything stands out feel free to jump in with speculation. In the meantime, we wanted you to know that this train is moving, and things will get interesting in short order.
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