A Card Game In Embermark

Yesterday in the Discord channel, I threw out an exhortation to the channel to come up with some ideas for the card game that exiles running around the various cities, towns and crossroads of Embermark might play.  "For fun or gambling?" @Evilteddy asked. Well, both, I say...

Thus far, there's been talk (amongst @drakythe, @dailydevil, @nezuja, @secretowl, @hollow, @hawkeye and @evilteddy, to name a few) of centering the play around the Houses of Embermark, the NPCs revealed thus far and the Classes that the game will let players play. It's very early in this discussion and already there are shenanigans afoot. I make no promises about this discussion, but what if-- just what if-- some interesting ideas pop up here.  Already, there are player-created items and NPCs designed in the game, even if those who created them don't know this already.  Why not a game within a game?

Herein, let's capture and discuss some of the ideas that get some enthusiasm or traction within Chat (if you're not already chatting in Discord, here's the link: https://discord.gg/eoe).  A card game in Embermark? Yes please...
I'll SMITE you


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