Alchemy/crafting/smithing/other kinds of item/token/equipment crafting

I didn't see a conversation in this topic and, as an avid fan of these kinds of systems, I feel like poking TheWizard to see what his current ideas are at for it and where they could develop as we use this thread to openly discuss these elements.

I'm especially an avid fan of the 3 planes forging system. The first plane of crafting being 'item 1 + item 2 = item 3. Second plane of it being item 1 + item 1 = Item 1 at higher level/new item. and third plane being the enchantment plane of Item 1 + Item 2 = Item 2 with new traits. And that's the basic details of it, it can get much more thorough when adding in multiple item recipes and recipe chains.

Item chains like these are the reasons why some grinders like Runescape are notoriously popular. What detail and level is up for toning I'd guess though.


  • drglorydrglory Posts: 32 Adventurer
    Good thing to discuss!

    I like games that let you do other things while crafting. The only game that I was ever able to craft in was SWTOR.

    Additionally, genuine benefit to pursuing crafting. Give some things that can only be gotten by putting some effort into a craft.

    I avoid lists of recipes. I know they are a staple, but I would rather have a Minecraft style grid than an book of things I will only make to grind my crafting. 
  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    I think both recipes and grid can be beneficial. Recipes for basic things or special things, use a grid for everything else. 

    As for crafting systems, my fave goes to Atelier Iris series. I like to combine set crafting, with the elements of grindy crafting and the potential for surprises. Reward people with potential awesomeness if both effort and RNG maybe
  • DarggieDarggie Posts: 125 Adventurer
    I like games that have an open crafting system. What I mean is, you have all the basic resources. 

    Iron, wood, ect. 

    You can forge the iron into a sword blade, and the wood into a hilt. Then you can craft them together to make a sword. The quality of the weapon is based on your crafting skills, and the material quality.

    Basic recipes like that are available at the start, and you can buy/find advanced recipes. Not legendary recipes don't exist, they are only found through trial and error. 

    Maybe you take some really rare ore, and forge it with some common ore like copper, to get a special alloy. There wouldn't be recipe telling you how to do this, and if the ores don't make anything you get like rubbish ore not worth anything. 

    the only way to discover the recipe is by trial and error, or by delving deep into lore and secrets that might have vague hints towards what things can be combined.
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  • KjelfalconerKjelfalconer Posts: 99 Adventurer
    Everything Darggie said and more. I loved Dragon Age Inquisition's crafting for that, and, as an added bonus, the material you used even affected the appearance of the armour (and I don't care how good the stats are on the yellow plaid, I refuse to wear something that eye-bleedingly ugly)
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  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    I like the way that sounds too. While on this subject, forging + enchanting = yes. Especially love the idea that you can only get a certain item by forging together specific items that have specific enchantments on them.
  • EmyrEmyr Posts: 12 Mendicant

    I Like everything said here, and possibly add, that recipe finding/research could be done by minions in the camp?

    or ability of minions to craft affects the quality of the crafted item?

  • KjelfalconerKjelfalconer Posts: 99 Adventurer
    Like I'd let my minions get their grubby hands on my beautiful armour. No one touches that but me. 
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  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Thought I'd see what you guys were thinking before diving in here, but thanks to @xeru for firing up the conversation. 

    So indeed, there is Crafting in this game and we have the basics of the system outlined. There's a bit from what each of you is talking about but we've not yet worked out the aesthetics piece that @Kjelfalconer
    mentioned. The basics of the system are a distilled version of what you've experienced in your many console and PC adventures, but with a mobile twist:

    [] As @Darggie suggested, it's both recipes and some discovery. @SingmeAsong and I agree that simply having a quickly-outdated list of recipes where you plug in Crafting Materials isn't enough (though you will have Recipes & Crafting Materials).
    [] We're adding the twist that you can find combinations or go on Quests that lead to the knowledge needed to Craft that super cool item. Besides the basic materials, there will be special ones obtained through special adventures, be it a PvE Quest or a Mission (from your Minions-- sorry Kjel) or as the result of winning an event or reaching a milestone in the game.
    [] There's an upgradeable Forge in your Camp which will open up new Crafting opportunities.

    Whether we end up with aesthetic tweaks, the planar options that Xeru mentioned and pure upgrades are being actively messed with and debated now, and we'll present our (early) conclusions as we get fully spec'ed out. That said, I haven't started doing an order of events or game development update yet, which is coming shortly!

    And THAT said, keep these thoughts coming. The systems you've mentioned and the parts of them that you particularly liked (or disliked) is super useful to us. As you think about those experiences, think about them on your phone-- using your thumb-- in between meetings, classes or on the (gasp) porcelain throne and imagine how best to present and interact in those contexts... 
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  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    @TheWizard Do you think programming wise a potential skill to RNG ratio system will be implementable?

    IE, Iron Sword smith lvl 1, but every 5 levels above it you have a 3% chance of making a random new tier sword item. And vice versa, you are smith lvl 5, trying to make Excalibur that is smith level 99, then you have chance of failure based on lvls you are lower, each 5 = -10% chance of failure

    something to get a level of risk rather than crafting being mass production that is
  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Ah yes, apologies for the response time, Mr @Xeru. Give it a little game-ishness with some risk/reward? In the system that @SingmeAsong is currently working on, not only will there be recipes and such, but the option for random item generation at a level (or around that level). We want some level of player discovery in there as well as the usual opportunity to use unwanted items for good...
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