Design/name an npc critter/mythical creature corner!

So yes, enter ye to the corner of designing the critters of the Paragon realm. Will they be accepted? Only @TheWizard may speak to this tale. Same rules as the Design a weapon corner, try to be specific as possible. Images welcome for the artistic types. And no stealing images.


  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    Name: "Dave"
    Description: A friend who asked to crash on your couch 'for a bit' while he sorts himself out. That was 3 years ago.
    Effect: +5 Morale due to booze and pizza savvyness. -5 income because he never pays the rent. 

    ...jiggly bits...
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Name: Nasty Falcon
    Description: A particularly horrible ratbird that preys upon soft bits of your exposed self.
    Effect: Blindness, -5 AWR (Awareness), +10 Rage

    I'll SMITE you
  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    Name: The Wizard
    Description: A being who claims that he is mysterious and mystical but truthfully, he's just somebody's father or grandfather who plays D&D on weekends as a DM. And does an okay job at it.
    Effect: Has a 0.1% chance to cast SMITE! instead of basic attacking, instantly winning the fight and returning back to the Inn with only 1 gold and a potion. Because Dice Rolls.
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    oh ho, mr @xeru. Looks like someone is begging for a SMITE...
    I'll SMITE you
  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    TheWizard said:
    oh ho, mr @xeru. Looks like someone is begging for a SMITE...
    Too bad you only have a 0.1% cast chance  :p
  • BearKiddyBearKiddy Posts: 4 Mendicant
    I've always been partial to lizard men. 
    Name: zardital. 
    Description: slim, sleek and forest green. Cuts and slashes along the body and as he talks, his fan under his neck comes out, casting an orangish yellow appeal to his battered green form. 
    Effect: gives you a damage boost that bleeds the enemy when you equip his spear. After you fight him, he lets you borrow it. 
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    (psst, we're working on some lizardy dudes, but they'll have a twist!)

    Also, I like that Effect. Borrowing (or stealing from NPCs) is neat...
    I'll SMITE you
  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    Alright, time for some ideas for what I'd like to call the 'rare grinds' of Emberbark. I'd say each of these dudes idealistically have a very low encounter rate so encountering them makes their effect noteworthy.

    Name: Truffleshaman

    Description: This mystical Shaman is the master of a mysterious realm where golden creatures that are half man and half truffle reside. These mystical Trufflemen guard the secrets of the Golden Truffledragon, a powerful being who is a keeper of all things made of Truffles. And Knowledge.

    Effect: This creature's attacks inflict every status effect upon you that you are not immune to. In addition, this creature is Immune to all Status Effects and All Status Downs you can inflict on it unless you possess a weapon with the Barrierbreak Ability or posses the I am Truffle Trait. This creature will run away after 50 turns if you don't possess Barrierbreak. If you do break it's barrier, it will turn into either a Golden Truffleman of Luck, Golden Truffleman of Wealth, Golden Truffleman of Power, Golden Truffleman of Wisdom, Golden Truffleman of War, or a Golden Trufflekeeper.

    Name: Golden Truffleman of Luck

    Description: This little Golden man made of Truffles is extremely lucky.

    Effect: Defeating this creature awards you a drop of up to 10 Golden Truffles of Luck. When eaten, these Truffles drop random rare consumables and alchemy and forging items.

    Name: Golden Truffleman of Wealth.

    Description: This little Golden man made of Truffles is extremely wealthy.

    Effect: Defeating this Creature awards you a drop of up to 3 Pure Gold Truffles. These can be sold for ridiculous amounts of gold or other forms of money in the world of Emberbark. Pure Gold Truffles can also be Traded for a Sage's Swap for random, rare items.

    Name: Golden Truffleman of Power

    Description: This little Golden man made of Truffles if extremely powerful. Approach with caution. Maybe.

    Effect: Defeating this Creature Awards you a Golden Truffle of Power. Eating it awards you either a skill point or gives you a permanent passive Truffle trait of the Following (Truffle traits of the same name do not stack)

    Rage of the Truffles: Receiving damage from a Truffle creature or opponent with a Truffle Trait causes you to gain a 50% damage bonus next turn. 

    Truffles Concentration: Your attacks against Truffle monsters do not miss. Your accuracy doubles against anyone with a Truffle Trait.

    Truffle Destiny: Gain +10%. This bonus is increased to 100% versus Golden Truffledragon.

    Luck of the Truffles: Your abilities have a chance to summon a Golden Truffledragon for one turn. This Golden Truffledragon will absorb one attacks damage and then attack using Dragon of the Truffle Flame.

    Truffle Enlightenment: Each time you gain an skill point, you have a 1% chance to gain an additional Skill point. This bonus is increased to 10% for Skill points gained from Golden Truffle of Power.

    The Truffles Touch: Non-Truffle enemies have a 1% chance to drop a single Golden Truffle of War, Luck, Wisdom, Power, Pure Golden Truffle, or a Golden Trufflereed. Drop chances of Truffles from Truffle enemies is doubled.

    Lord of the Truffles: Truffle enemies have a 1% chance to drop a Golden Box of Golden Truffles. This Box when opened contains 1 Truffle of Power, 3 Truffles of Wisdom, Luck, War, and Wisdom, 3 Pure Golden Truffles, and 1 Golden Trufflereed.

    I am Truffle: Gain Barrierbreak when fighting against Truffle enemies.

    Name: Golden Truffleman of Wisdom

    Description: This little Golden man made of Truffles is extremely wise.

    Effect: Defeating this creating drops up to 3 Golden Truffles of Wisdom. Upon consumption, these Truffles cause you to gain +500% experience in combat for your next 50 fights against monsters. This bonus is increased to 1000% against Golden Truffledragons.

    Name: Golden Truffleman of War

    Description: This little Golden man made of Truffles is a Master of War.

    Effect: Defeating this creature drops a Single Golden Truffle of War. Consuming it adds a random piece of equipment of your class that is always of higher quality and stats than your current lowest quality piece of gear.

    Name: Golden Trufflekeeper

    Description: This little Golden woman made of Truffles is the only being that can calm and keep the Golden Truffledragon.

    Effect: Defeating this Creature has a 10% chance to drop a Golden Trufflereed. This mystical instrument summons to you a Golden Truffledragon to fight against.

    Name: Golden Truffledragon

    Description: The Fierce master of the Truffle Realm. Even when 'Killed', he is simply reincarnated back into the Nexus of Truffles and reborn again, unable to ever be destroyed, only slowed down.

    Effect: Cuts the damage of all attacks against it by 75%. Restores 10% of it's max hp at the beginning of each of it's turns. At the end of each of it's turns, it's skill power and attack power are buffed by 10%. When defeated, Drops the Golden Treasure of the Truffles, Golden Heart of Truffles, Golden Fang of Truffles, and Golden Scale of Truffles. The Treasure can be sold for enormous wealth or broken down for rare alchemy and forging ingredients. The Golden Heart when consumed provides a permanent increase to all your stats. The Fang can be either forged into a powerful, legendary one of a kind GTW (Golden Truffle Weapon) or, can be forged into a current weapon(GFW included) For great potential enchantments to it. And the Scale can be made into a legendary piece of mythical, one of a kind GTA/A(Golden Truffle Armor/Golden Truffle Accessory) or, can be forged into a current non weapon piece of gear(GTA/A included) For great potential Enchantments.


    Thoughts on this as a grind-able potential enemy for the grinders this game will probably get?? Essentially, It's a secret enemy anyway due to need a skill in specifically made for fighting Truffles in order to fighting the Truffleshaman. That and Truffleshaman will have a low encounter rate also I thinks.

    Feedback on risk/reward, rarity, adorableness, etc?
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